Peintre – NigériaBen IBEBE

Son travail a un large attrait, avec en particulier l’intérêt croissant pour l’art sub-saharien et ouest-africain.

Ben Ibebe est un artiste africain internationalement connu basé au Nigeria. Ben se concentre sur des images de l’Afrique de l’Ouest en utilisant des peintures vibrantes, captivantes et très tactiles dans l’huile et les médias mixtes. Avec des scènes quotidiennes de la vie nigériane, la technique unique d’empâtement de Ben donne à chaque œuvre d’art une surface presque tridimensionnelle ajoutant du caractère aux couleurs vives et à la composition géométrique. Son travail a un large attrait, avec en particulier l’intérêt croissant pour l’art sub-saharien et ouest-africain.

Ben Ibebe, 1966 born at Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria. Full time studio Artist, Kaduna, Nigeria is an internationally known African artist based in Nigeria. Ben focuses on images of West Africa using vibrant, captivating and very tactile paintings in oil and mixed media. Featuring every day scenes of Nigerian life, Ben’s unique impasto technique give each art work an almost three dimensional surface adding additional character to bright colors and geometric composition. His work has broad appeal, with particular appear to the growing interest in Sub-Saharan and West African art.

The inspiration for my Art comes from people. How they respond to social, economic, political and economic forces in their daily living. The issues, ideas and events arising from mans quest to contain and contend with these forces form the subject of my paintings. Given this background, my paintings are highly figurative with women accorded prominent attention in my composition. Recently, my fixation is on the effect of Western Attitudes, Globalisation, Human trafficking, Technology e.g. G.S.M. on the African woman.

Men come into in my compositions but they come in mostly as allegories in my political statements and are highly stylized. Other times they are presented as engaged in male activities; drummers, horse riders, cattle herders etc. Of note are the series of my paintings on restive youths. These deal with the issues of civil unrest and rioting among the various ethnic youths especially in the Niger Delta. I am not a landscape painter but do paint them to highlight certain human activities such as the series of market scenes and Urban slums. In the first, the harsh living reality and exciting human spectacle of buying and selling at an African market day are showcased. In the second, people living on stilt houses on water in the urban towns of Lagos and Port Harcourt are captured.